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Georges Rousse

2006, tirage lambda, 160 x 125 cm

Georges Rousse was born in Paris in 1947. He lives in Paris and works around the world. His artistic work has been the subject of numerous solo and group exhibitions on the international art scene and several monographic publications have been printed (in addition to earning him grants and awards). His works are included in private, institutional, and corporate collections in Europe and America.

Georges Rousse’s work studies the relationship between painting, architecture and photography. He explores the materials, colors and the luminosity of places that he transforms like a director, a mediator of the visible and the invisible. Master of optical illusion, he creates spectacular trompe l’oeil which emphasizes the power of light; the space he reveals is mere appearance and illusion. Whether they represent major characters floating in space, tortured faces, geometric shapes or words, his works have the primary function of establishing a distance between the viewer and the place where he or she is located. Georges Rousse’s installations, perceived as site-specific, are constructed and deconstructed according to the precise location from where they are observed; however, the final product offered to the viewer is a photograph where the lure is perfect, in which the work is perceived as it should be: the illusion of a transformed space.

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