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Raphaëlle de Groot

Summit meetings - Rencontres au sommet
Vue de l’exposition itinérante, 2015
(Southern Alberta Art Gallery, Lethbridge, AL)

Born in Montreal in 1974, Raphaëlle de Groot holds Masters in Visual and Media Arts from UQAM. Her work is drawn from research in various areas as well as her encounters with people from diverse backgrounds who become key partners in gathering information used to develop each of her projects. As a result, she collaborated with nuns for Dévoilements (1998-2001), the visually impaired for Colin-maillard (1999-2001), caregivers for Plus que parfaites (1999-2001) textile workers for 8x5x363+1 (2002-2006), students for Drawing Session (2004) and En exercice (2006), and customers for Portraits de clients (2007). More recently, she appealed to radio listeners and internet users to create the series Le poids des objets (2009-2011).

She explains her approach: "Many of these projects are based on collecting data and reorganizing existing material, both of which have in common the compilation of things that do not usually retain our attention. The act of extracting their imprints from the everyday, in order to produce an archive, allows for a different point of view. The invisible suddenly becomes tangible, the small detail becomes immense and reveals its infinite character and what seems impersonal exposes a shared proximity. This dynamic depicts a world hidden from sight, somehow unrepresentable, a behind the scenes universe, suspended or pending between the conscious and the unconscious."

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