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Current exhibition

(Quelques parts de no forget
et quelques reliquats)

22 avril - 20 mai 2017
Opening: Saturday April 22, 2 p.m.

“My late father-in-law Normand would often say: ’I am still alive’. ‘Alive’ as in filled with desire: the desire to live, to eat, to drink, to get drunk, to share, to laugh, to make love, to give sexual pleasure, and receive it. What he left behind is inert: a memory, the trace of a presence, a rich heritage of objects, either handcrafted or gathered over his lifetime. Beyond the idea of a legacy, I take in some of these fragments as material reminders that life is an opportunity, and that the freedom we often associate with it is not in itself a guarantee, but a condition. In these compositions made up of various found objects from Normand’s workshop, the street, or the homes of friends, I attempt to retrace, through drawings and installations, the absurd nature of loss.”

– Éric Ladouceur
The feeling of intimacy that surrounds this exhibition gives it a particular status in the work of Éric Ladouceur, who generally paints the artist as a masked commentator of society and art history, a spying on the ironies in politics and daily life. And yet, far from being contradictory to these preoccupations, De la liberté qui point brings to light a core notion in the artist’s practice, namely physical and sexual pleasure as weapons against hypocrisy, and tools for resistance, knowledge and sharing. In this sense the grotesque, satirical, and sometime pornographic nature of Ladouceur’s work can be read as an attempt to destigmatize our normal human appetites, a tender reflection on our innermost delights and fears.
Whether through performance, drawing, installation, video or painting, Eric Ladouceur’s playful imagination holds a certain inherent nostalgia for childhood. With imagery borrowed from advertising and the world of superheroes, the artist questions the stereotypes associated with masculine identity and iconography. Using pornographic images taken online, action figures, broken glass, pubic hair and the hoods of cars transformed into coats of arms, he explores the various representations of power baked into the myth of eternal youth and the tools for controlling the masses.

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