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History and Mission

Madeleine Forcier

Founded in Montreal in 1980 by Madeleine Forcier and Pierre Ayot, Galerie Graff, first affiliated with l’Atelier Graff, started its own regular programming of exhibition in 1979, mainly showcasing prints and works on paper. In 1980, the gallery administratively dissociated itself from the print workshop, renovating its exhibition spaces to host its first painting and sculpture exhibitions. Located at the heart of the Plateau Mont-Royal for more than 35 years, Galerie Graff moved to the Quartier des spectacles in 2016, on the second floor of the BELGO building. There it continues to promote its unique vision of contemporary art through an average of eight solo exhibitions a year in the gallery’s two exhibition spaces, where visitors are treated to new creations in painting, sculpture, photography, video, and installation. The gallery’s programming also includes group shows, based on specific themes or related to special events.

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